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Market Bulletin

Market Bulletin (15/08/2017)

Pressure point   Wednesday marked ten years since the beginning of the global financial crisis, and its consequences continue to be felt on markets and in politics to this day. Indeed, the crisis was so momentous that commentators tend to divide recent economic history into the ‘pre-crisis’

Market Bulletin (08/08/2017)

Tuning out   “Trying is the first step towards failure,” warned Homer Simpson – investors tempted to overreact should take note, perhaps most of all during earnings season.   The ebb and flow of this year’s second-quarter earnings continued last week, accompanied by ongoing geopolitical tensions. Yet the summer

Market Bulletin (01/08/2017)

Bittersweet   It’s true. Chocolates really are getting smaller. Some bags of Maltesers have shrunk by 15%: indeed, 2,529 products have decreased in size in the last five years, while just 614 have got bigger, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The list of shrinking

Market Bulletin (25/07/2017)

Courtship display   When the male frigatebird is trying to attract a partner, he spends almost half an hour inflating his red gular pouch until it reaches close to half the size of his body. Companies courting investors ahead of earnings season aim to do the reverse,

Market Bulletin (18/07/2017)

Calendar creep   One hundred months, and still it goes on. The starting gates were opened on the current bull run on 9 March, 2009 and, as yet, it shows few signs of running out of puff. After rising another 1.3% last week, the S&P 500 began

Market Bulletin (11/07/2017)

Warsaw act   Last Thursday, Krasinski square in Poland reverberated with chants of “Donald Trump” and “USA” as the president delivered his first public speech on European soil – a significant moment for any US president. Trump used the occasion to praise Poland, criticise Russia and reaffirm

Market Bulletin (04/07/2017)

Taper talk     Twenty years ago last Saturday, Prince Charles and Governor Chris Patten boarded the Royal Yacht Britannia and sailed out of Hong Kong, formally ceding the last major remnant of the British Empire to the world’s new rising power.   Much has since changed. China has

Market Bulletin (27/06/2017)

Crowning moment   “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown,” says King Henry in Shakespeare’s Henry IV Part 2. Last week Elizabeth II appeared to take the warning literally, breaking with the habit of 43 years by not wearing her crown for the State Opening

Market Bulletin (20/06/2017)

Docking pay   Politicians may have been doing a fine job of looking amateur in recent months, but investors tend to reserve their strongest criticism for central bankers. In recent years, much of the criticism has been trained on the scale and timespan of quantitative easing

Market Bulletin (13/06/2017)

Interesting times   ‘May you live in interesting times’, goes the old curse. Its force is surely not lost on the prime minister just now.   London’s leafy Kensington is the UK’s richest constituency and not normally a bellwether of the national mood, but last week it summed

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