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Market Bulletin

Market Bulletin (26/09/2017)

Tonal range   “It is up to leaders to set the tone,” said the prime minister in her landmark speech on Brexit in Florence last Friday.   The comment came at the end of a week in which the variety of tones among global leaders had been strongly

Market Bulletin (19/09/2017)

Gaining ground   It was a week of big numbers: 2,500 – the S&P 500’s record close on Friday; 3,700 – the flight distance (in kilometres) of the ballistic missile North Korea fired over Japan’s Hokkaido province into the ocean, also on Friday; and 1,512 – the

Market Bulletin (12/09/2017)

Loonie tune   The common loon was never meant to appear on Canada’s dollar coin, which in June reached its thirtieth birthday. But when the dies for the new design disappeared en route to the Ottawa mint – perhaps bound for a counterfeiter’s workshop – the

Market Bulletin (05/09/2017)

Summer saga   It was not a quiet and sunny month on markets. The August performance of the S&P 500 and FTSE 100, leading indices for the US and UK respectively, looks decidedly alpine, with peaks and valleys that in many cases reflected a high level

Market Bulletin (29/08/2017)

Division Bell   On Sunday, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor met in Las Vegas, Nevada for the highest-grossing bout in history. The boxing match was, perhaps, a fitting close for a week in which political conflict and disagreement was to the fore, especially in the US.   A few

Market Bulletin (22/08/2017)

Distant horizons   “The future influences the present just as much as the past,” said Friedrich Nietzsche – an insight that could surely be applied to markets.   Events in the US last week certainly led investors to feel more cautious about the future – and to adjust positions

Market Bulletin (15/08/2017)

Pressure point   Wednesday marked ten years since the beginning of the global financial crisis, and its consequences continue to be felt on markets and in politics to this day. Indeed, the crisis was so momentous that commentators tend to divide recent economic history into the ‘pre-crisis’

Market Bulletin (08/08/2017)

Tuning out   “Trying is the first step towards failure,” warned Homer Simpson – investors tempted to overreact should take note, perhaps most of all during earnings season.   The ebb and flow of this year’s second-quarter earnings continued last week, accompanied by ongoing geopolitical tensions. Yet the summer

Market Bulletin (01/08/2017)

Bittersweet   It’s true. Chocolates really are getting smaller. Some bags of Maltesers have shrunk by 15%: indeed, 2,529 products have decreased in size in the last five years, while just 614 have got bigger, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The list of shrinking

Market Bulletin (25/07/2017)

Courtship display   When the male frigatebird is trying to attract a partner, he spends almost half an hour inflating his red gular pouch until it reaches close to half the size of his body. Companies courting investors ahead of earnings season aim to do the reverse,

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