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Market Bulletin

Market Bulletin (19/06/2018)

Management matters “I wouldn’t say I was the best manager in the business,” the Derby County and Nottingham Forest legend Brian Clough once told an interviewer. “But I was in the top one.” In the week the World Cup got under way in Moscow, the varying fortunes

Market Bulletin (12/06/2018)

Lone rider “To err is human; to forgive, divine,” wrote Alexander Pope some three hundred years ago. If only it were so simple. Faced with the ongoing probe into rogue Russian involvement in the US election, the US president opened the working week with a tweet about

Market Bulletin (05/06/2018)

Close shaves On Wednesday last week, newspapers around the world reported that Arkady Babchenko, a Russian journalist disdained by the Kremlin, had been found dead in Kiev, the victim of gunshot wounds. A few hours later, the man himself held a press conference, in which he

Market Bulletin (29/05/2018)

Last straw Warren Buffett may be the third-wealthiest man on earth, but every morning he drops by a McDonald’s Drive-Thru to buy his breakfast. Before leaving home, the veteran investor asks his wife to drop his exact breakfast money into his car’s cup holder. If he’s

Market Bulletin (22/05/2018)

Royal spoils When it comes to Europe, investors prefer monarchies, or so said a study by CMC Markets. If correct, it would presumably mean Saturday’s Windsor nuptials – which cost taxpayers around £30 million – were a good long-term investment; the squads that faced off in

Market Bulletin (15/05/2018)

Persian peril “The rose that once has bloomed forever dies,” wrote Omar Khayyám, the Persian poet, some 900 years ago. So it may prove for the historic Iran nuclear deal of 2015, after Donald Trump pulled the US out last week – his plan to reinstate

Market Bulletin (08/05/2018)

High Marx “The production of too many useful things results in too many useless people,” warned Karl Marx, who was born 200 years ago last Saturday. What, then, might capitalism’s most famous critic have made of the 52.2 million people who bought themselves a new iPhone

Market Bulletin (01/05/2018)

Grand Tour During the Napoleonic Wars, well-heeled young ladies and gentlemen could no longer cross the Channel to swan through the towns of France and Italy on an extended ‘Grand Tour’ of European civilisation, as they had done for decades. So it was that the ‘Wye

Market Bulletin (24/04/2018)

Signal worries Equity investors largely enjoyed last week, as the correction of February felt increasingly distant. Even the VIX, leading measure of volatility on the world’s leading index, was back below its long-term average, having tracked gradually downhill over the course of the month. Moreover, as

Market Bulletin (17/04/2018)

Russian bear When Macbeth compared himself to “the rugged Russian bear”, he was steeling himself to speak to a ghost. Last Monday, investors in Russia needed some of that same ursine resolve, as the Russian market opened the week down more than 11% from its previous

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