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WeekWatch 27/01/2020

Chinese New Year is, in many ways, linked with movement. The 12 animals used as zodiac symbols for each year are said to have been involved in a race to reach the Jade Emperor's Heavenly Gate; while the three billion people returning home to celebrate

WeekWatch 20/01/2020

In the extended psychodrama that is US–China relations in the Trump era, should last week be seen as a denouement? The two countries signed a ‘phase one’ trade deal that appeared to send the trajectory of trade negotiations on a new and more collaborative course; the

WeekWatch 13/01/2020

It is 104 years this month since Mark Sykes, a UK diplomat, and François Georges-Picot, his French counterpart, agreed on how to divide the old Ottoman provinces in the Middle East (excluding the Arabian Peninsula) between their respective countries. The Sykes–Picot line was drawn across the

WeekWatch 06/01/2020

. Back in 2008, Ford took apart a Ford Focus and had several of its parts strung as musical instruments, among them a 'clutch guitar' and 'window harp'. In the ensuing TV advert, a 15-strong orchestra played a piece together. "Beautifully arranged", proclaimed the advert's sign-off. At

WeekWatch 23/12/2019

He might be able to quote Cicero and Catullus, but last week Boris Johnson seemed keener to borrow a few lines from Donald Trump's playbook. The prime minister told his new Cabinet that they should be unafraid to talk of themselves as a "people's government" and

WeekWatch 16/12/2019

It is 101 years since the Representation of the People Act delivered universal suffrage for all UK men aged 21 or more – and for a much larger number of women over the age of 30. Prior to 1918, men could only qualify for the

WeekWatch 09/12/2019

Getting the family together at Christmas is something many of us look forward to and dread in equal measure. It’s a time to reconnect with relatives we haven’t seen all year, and can be good fun - until someone mentions politics. It seems last week’s

WeekWatch (05/12/2019)

“Well, I don’t know how it gets better than this.” Taylor Swift wasn’t singing about the stock market at the time but, last week, she could have been. She certainly wouldn’t have been singing about herself; the singer now finds herself in the curious position

WeekWatch (25/11/2019)

In 1789 French parliamentarians attending their National Assembly gravitated to one side or other of the Assembly President; those who sat to his right sought to defend the king  and the established hierarchy; those to his left supported the French Revolution and further reform. Over

WeekWatch (18/11/2019)

Back in 2004, Blockbuster Video boasted 9,000 stores worldwide. Today, a single franchise in Bend, Oregon is all that remains. As the company’s longstanding advertising jingle had it

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